In 2009, briefly had a design that included black and white retro-game-inspired banner images at the top of the page. On a lark, I decided to try to cram a Flash version of Roger Merritt's Amok (one of my favorite Vic-20 games) into a 1050 x 50 banner. It ended up at 17 KB.

I called it Business School Robot Adventure.

You've just docked at the business school space station... where robots are running amok! Can you destroy all 99 of them and save the business school? You have three lives, and your trusty atomic pistol starts with only one shot - but extra ammunition is hidden in the maze of corridors. Oh yeah, and the walls are electrified!

WASD or arrow keys to move, CTRL or SPACE to shoot. No sound. A new random space station each game. Robots have line of sight on you... the further into the station you go, the more ruthless their AI becomes!

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